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Technology is impacting all our lives. Current and future generations of educators and learners can use digital tools to improve their learning efficiency by using evidence-based data to assess their progress. This facilitates truly individualised teaching and learning, motivating students to focus on their strengths. We call this approach deeper learning, and its influence is growing around the world.

Education for the world we want to live in
We offer a unique combination of learning analytics, quality content and practical, proven processes in the field of learning and personal development. Thereby, we empower individuals, help organisations and change society towards our vision of a smarter learning planet.

Learning how to teach, teaching how to learn
Conexus is a research leader in learning analytics and deeper learning in Norway. We promote a holistic approach to education with a broad curriculum perspective. In careful collaboration with teachers, educational leaders, government institutions, researchers and the educational technology industry, we have made evidence-informed pedagogy the basis of our company’s philosophy.

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Deeper Learning society (part 2) in Fornebu

Deep Learning Society (DLS) Part 2: Deeper Learning in Practice

180 school leaders and municipality school owners gathered with representatives from Conexus and LearnLab at the Quality Expo Hotel in Fornebu to further share the work of the Deep Learning Society-course that began in the fall of 2016. Among the …

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Verden er ikke delt opp i fag

The quest for deeper learning: the world is not divided up into subjects

For over 40 years, Ringstabekk middle school in Bærum has focused on real life education. Recently, we came to visit and learn more.

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Graf i Conexus Engage, viser faglig utvikling og mestringsfølelse

How many students in your school experience both mastery and enough academic challenges?

What do you think about the students who say that they have enough academic challenges at school but find that they have little mastery? What about the students who experience lots of mastery, but not enough academic challenges? The example …

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youtube channel

YouTube channel: Conexus Education

Be inspired by Conexus on YouTube Listen to views and thoughts from students, teachers, school leaders and international professors. We have interviewed them on education and learning, sharing it all with you on our new YouTube channel:      

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  • We have to facilitate the students to come down into the deep, and remain there long enough to discover all the treasures. This is an illustration of deeper learning

    Deeper Learning in Conexus Engage

    Deeper Learning means that students gradually and over time develop their understanding of concepts and contexts within a subject. An important research contribution argues for a multidimensional approach to learning. This means that learning takes place in interaction between cognitive, …

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  • Conexus at the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory

    Conexus at the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory

    We are proud to announce that Conexus has been chosen by Andy Hargreaves to serve as the secretary of the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory. Hargreaves, the founder of this initiative, wanted to create an arena where leaders from carefully selected educational …

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  • Engage

    Conexus on exclusive list of the most exciting learning analysis

    Conexus is the only European company on the list of interesting, new and innovative vendors of learning analytics created by global IT research company Gartner. Gartner is the largest analysis company in the world, and sells exclusive recommendations to governments …

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    The right insights to the right people. All in one place. A comprehensive learning analytics tool for better collaboration between school and kindergarten owners, leaders and teachers.

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    Be a better learner. Become a better leader. Conexus Key is an easy to use self-assessment tool for training, deeper learning and for building your leadership competence.

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    A better learning dialogue with every student. Free up time in the process. Gathers essential assessments and teaching tool in one place, helping teachers to group and engage students.

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    No child should be left behind. Every child deserves to be seen. Conexus Companion simplifies and assures collaboration with role-based workflows to create, manage and share sensitive information in a secure environment.

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  • mYouTime er læring på mobilen for bedrifter og læresteder 5 minutes to create. 3 minutes to see. Lifelong learning effect

    Quality Learning content when you need it. A mobile learning platform that enables educators and students to easily share multimedia learning content.

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    Self-assessment and development tool for employees vip24 helps individuals assess their own motivations, strengths and learning preferences.

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