Proven educational technology solutions from a Scandinavian pioneer in deeper learning

Content, analytics and professional learning tools for school leaders, educators and students

Since 2001, from our base in Norway, Conexus has been inspiring and empowering school leaders, teachers and students using digital tools. Technology is impacting all our lives. Current and future generations of educators and learners can use digital tools to improve their learning efficiency by using evidence based data to assess their progress. This facilitates truly individualised teaching and learning, motivating students to focus on their strengths. We call this approach deeper learning, and its influence is growing around the world. With products available for schools, adult and professional learners, we are well positioned to help learners everywhere exceed their own and others´ expectations.

Improving learning performance for communities, schools and students is a vital social mission, and is the reason that Conexus exists. Aggregate and large scale learning data gathered from many schools and communities can also provide predictive value about the types of learning patterns and teaching activities that are successful, as well as those that may indicate a risk of failure or drop out. Our evidence based pedagogic tools are providing new insights into educational practices and are helping to improve teaching, learning and decision-making.

Our unique focus on both learning analytics and relevant content is validated through our close cooperation with well-known pedagogic researchers such as Viviane Robinson, Michael Fullan, Louise Stoll and Andy Hargreaves.

We have also been recognised by international software analyst Gartner, and in 2015 were listed as a “Cool Vendor in Leveraging Data in Education”.

The traditional comparisons and analyses made by standardised assessments such as SATs scores is just a snapshot of what has been learned. Standardised testing tends to focus on a narrow range of learning topics, such as numeracy or literacy. Yet modern society demands critical skills in fields such as science, technology or the creative arts. These include the ability to assess new situations and information, reflective skills to consider and develop their activity, and social skills to work productively in teams, or even leading a team. Learning analytics can help students develop these skills, and equip them to become lifelong learners.

Conexus is growing internationally via partnerships in selected European, Asian and North American markets. To learn more about becoming a partner, please get in touch.