Facilitates customized teaching and deeper learning

Assessment for learning and instant formative feedback for each student

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Conexus Engage collects data on individual students from diagnostic tests, standardised assessments and deep learning surveys. Data is structured and presented visually to help teachers group and engage students. Teachers gain an overview of the whole process and can access ready-to-use teaching content on the same platform to help them address individual student needs. Teaching is then focused on delivering the most relevant content and attaining the right goals.

Conexus Engage is the framework for tracking student progress in curriculum subjects and basic skills. Over months and years, an individual student´s development is readily accessible, creating opportunities to design learning goals with students and their parents. Goals can be short, medium or long term, and can be regularly reviewed, or updated based on new decisions made by the student and the teacher.

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YouTube channel: Conexus Education

Be inspired by Conexus on YouTube Listen to views and thoughts from students, teachers, school leaders and international professors. We have interviewed them on education and learning, sharing it all with you on our new YouTube channel:      

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Conexus initiates Deep Learning Society

Deep Learning Society (DLS) is a network consisting of municipalities and schools from Nordic countries that want to share knowledge and experience on building more capacity for deeper learning among educational leaders, teachers and students. Viviane Robinson and Michael Fullan …

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Professional learning by doing

Learning can be defined as a permanent change in thinking and behavior. With this rigid definition, all types of learning involve that we think and behave more or less differently than before. This is also a practical view of learning. …

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