– Smarter analysis provides better learning outcomes

  • peroyvindstrand
    Per Øyvind Strand, headmaster of Kongseik school in Tønsberg

Conexus Insight
For two years Tønsberg municipality has been using Conexus Insight to analyze and improve learning outcomes at schools it has responsibility for. The experience has been highly positive, something Per Øyvind Strand headmaster of Kongseik school can attest to.

“Previously we had to navigate through many different types of student data, such as surveys, final grades and test scores – and find a way of maintaining consistency between these. It was very difficult to compile this diverse information in a reliable and consistent way, to make a sound basis for comparison between students. With Conexus Insight we found a tool that made these data sources relevant and useful. In a simple and straightforward way”, says Per Øyvind Strand.

“Conexus Insight was chosen based on our positive experiences using the Conexus Engage tool. We also had a relationship with Conexus as the developers of this tool. We needed a tool that both school owners and school administrators could use to analyze results over time. To monitor the students’ learning and evaluate the impacts of different initiatives. Teachers can use Conexus Engage to prepare and present a student´s results as part of an evolving dialogue. We use Conexus Insight to present and analyze the school’s performance. Conexus Insight has great value for us as headmasters. It improves efficiency significantly, and enables us to make better decisions”, says Strand.

A shift in focus towards factors that schools can influence
Final grades alone say little about how good a school is. Often it says more about where the school is located. A matter of pure demographics. Conexus Insight helps to shift the focus of the factors that the school can influence, and presents a more accurate picture of the learning processes of the individual school. Schools located in affluent areas often get good results, but the results do not say always something about the quality of the school. If a student achieves strong eighth-grade results they often go on to achieve good results in the tenth grade. It is interesting for headmasters to be able to measure how individual students develop over the years they with the school. With Conexus Insight, we can compare the same cohort each year, and see how those students evolve over time. We can also look at the average over several years. If some schools fail to raise students’ competencies considerably over three years, we can take a special interest and make interventions at the school if this is needed. It is possible to create good-quality schools in both demographically favourable and less favourable areas”, says Strand.

A boost in learning outcomes
Strand also highlights that Conexus Insight has helped to raise the overall level of expertise in doing analysis in Tønsberg school. Schools included in the network, work together and learn from each other. Something which Per Øyvind Strand believes they have benefited greatly from. With school owners, we can look at data and monitor trends, which is very important if we are to develop as organisations. For students, this gives a better classroom experience, more personalized learning, a greater feeling of mastery and better results. The adoption of Conexus Engage has allowed us to be more professional and more intellectually curious as teachers. Taking all this into account, Conexus Insight has given Kongseik school a real boost”, says Strand.