Self-assessment and development tool for individuals working in organisations

Explore and confirm values, interests and personal preferences to reveal sources of motivation and success at work

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vip24 is a development tool for people working in organisations. It helps individuals assess their own motivations, strengths and learning preferences. They can then identify a personal development path that is relevant to their needs and abilities. vip24 also helps leaders, by giving them insights into their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Leaders get a practical framework for improving their own performance, recruit more successfully and get people working together to build more successful organisations.

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Professional learning by doing

Learning can be defined as a permanent change in thinking and behavior. With this rigid definition, all types of learning involve that we think and behave more or less differently than before. This is also a practical view of learning. …

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Our support service is manned all workdays 0800-1600, and you can contact us by email or phone. If you have technical problems with our solutions, or need guidance on how to use them, please contact the administrator of your organization for help. If you can't figure it out, we will do our best to help you.

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